The “Boeing 747-400 Ultimate” may really be the mod we’ve been waiting for. Let’s give the default 747 some love!

So bad that the default Boeing 747, better than other default planes out there, didn’t have the love that zibo spent in the 737.

X-Plane’s default liners (737 and 747) are, indeed, a great base for developers, since the 3d model is good in both, and there are many possibilities of customizations in terms of graphic and systems.

In the last days forum received two custom mods, one featuring a grey cockpit (please, keep it realistic…) and the “Ultimate” version, which is featuring the following improvements:

  • Better sounds
  • green fmc screen
  • better wing, landing gear and tail plane animation (including wingflex!)
  • enhanced airfoils
  • and many more!

The project is run by Flows Development Studios, and you can follow the upcoming updates here. while the mod is available here.

Blog post initially written by : T.Felici, an aviation passionate