The Boeing 720 is a commercial jet airliner that was produced by the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The720 first flew in 1963 and was later succeeded by the 737. It is interesting to note that the 720 was not originally intended to be a commercial success, but rather a testbed for new technology. Nevertheless, it went on to have a successful career with several airlines around the world before being retired in 2013.

The Boeing 720 – A History

The Boeing 720 was a twin-engined commercial jet airliner developed by Boeing in the 1960s. It had a shorter range than the 707, but was able to operate from shorter runways and with less fuel. The aircraft was not as successful as the 707, only reaching 201 deliveries before being retired in 1977.

– A History

The Boeing 720 was a short- to medium-range airliner that was produced by the American manufacturer Boeing. The plane first flew in 1963 and was able to seat up to 185 passengers. It featured an updated design from its predecessor, the 707, including new engines and a revised fuselage. Despite being popular with airlines, only 154 of the aircraft were ever built due largely to competition from newer models like the 737 and 747. The last720 rolled off the production line in 1967 and it remained in service until 1996 when it was finally retired by Delta Air Lines.

– A History

Did you know that the Boeing 720 was once one of the most popular jetliners? In this article, we take a look at the history of this aircraft and how it became one of the most widely used planes in commercial aviation.

The Boeing 720

The Boeing 720 is an American four-engined narrow-body short-to medium range commercial jet airliner. The720 first flew in 1963 and was produced until 1977. A total of 154 were built, making it the most popular variant of the 707.

The airplane was designed to be capable of operating from shorter runways than its predecessors, whichwas a major selling point for many airlines who had been using older aircraft that required longerrunways. One launch customer, United Airlines saved $5 million dollars in annual landing fees at New York’sLaGuardia airport alone by switching to the 720 from their existing Lockheed Constellation fleet

Boeing developed two versions of the plane; one with Pratt & Whitney JT3D engines and another withGeneral Electric CF6 engines. Both variants could seat up to 189 passengers in a typical three-classconfiguration or carry up to 362000 lb (163300 kg)of cargo on the main deck.